More than a year ago we discovered the work of Carmen Mazarrasa, beautiful miniature houses, in photos and videos in which they seemed real and in which an object suddenly entered, a hand, something of recognizable and scalable dimensions, and you realized that what you were looking at, was a thumbnail.

At that time, the world was still confined and uncertain (similar to now, but much worse, because everything was new), and Carmen and other mini artists (like @Cheng.hank@candyminiatures, or @leminidiclaudia), were the seed of this project that we show you today: our little house.

The foundations of this mini home were laid by Ana’s father, Emilio, more than 40 years ago, who made a dollhouse out of wood. On this base, a little dilapidated by the passage of time, we have built our little house throughout this year, little by little, and with the collaboration of many other creators and artists, friends and admirers, whom we ask for help and those who we are very grateful.

We would love to live in a house like this, beautiful, colorful and bright, made entirely by hand by nearby creators, designers, illustrators, photographers, weavers, booksellers, artists, potters and tile masters.

It was also a good way to see all of our pieces together and build them into an environment where everything would fit together perfectly.

Our ceramics would not look the same if they were not on the shelf of Énola Muebles and surrounded by all the books of Tipos Infames. Nor without the Batlló Concept desk, with our French dictionary and Peseta‘s little notebook, or without the Silvia Ceñal dining table.

We also didn’t want to neglect the walls and floors of our little house, so we chose checkerboard tiles from Todobarro for the kitchen, wallpapered it with an Abe the ape design, and painted the furniture with the Poetic tone from CreaDecoraRecicla. The basket, woven by hand by Sonia, from Degerónimo (as small as she could) puts the icing on our little kitchen.

In the bedroom and the terrace, we opted for hydraulic tiles from Mosaista. The blanket on the bed had to be from Hamabi design because Zita does the coolest Patchwork we know.

As for the decoration, we could not miss a lot of special things on our walls: slugs and whales, of course, but also illustrations such as those of the beloved José A. Roda or the wise Monstruo Espagueti, photos of the also dear Alberto Galvache our photographer of the ruins and the depths), Diana Navas (photographer of dream landscapes), always framed with care in Heredero de Crispín. The mirror on the stairs, the most beautiful we found, is from Baba Studio.

To relax, read magazines and see the scenery through the window, we made our sofa with Hamabi and Carabiru. cushions. The tea is served in our Ratona teapot and Casita de Wendy. puts it on a tray. We sweetened it with all the desserts, donuts, and cakes that our friend Olga prepared (who also knitted the rugs in the house, so that our feet would be warm).

Oh, and although we left it for last, we weren’t going to forget Amara Montes‘s Chakras mobile, very delicate and magical, like all her work, and which she lovingly sent us in a beautiful box.

The music is played by our friends from Oba Tenga, so now that you know everyone, sit back, relax and enjoy the evening, you are in your little house.

And, if you want to enjoy it all year round, we have made a beautiful calendar with all its photos that you can get here.

Thank you for always being on the other side. We hope you liked our mini home and we take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and that next year will be a great one.

Ana and Natalia.

PD: Quizá otro día te contemos cómo fue el proceso de creación de la casita, ¿te gustaría? Esperamos tu respuesta. 😊

All this and much more in @hello_tanata