We hope you are all doing well in these tough and uncertain times.

It felt like a good time to let you know how we are living it, as luckily we are all right.

At tánata we are designers, illustrators, poets, photographers, humorists and somewhat even a bit philosophers… but above all we are a small ceramic workshop that at this time, for safety, has halted.

Meanwhile at home, we continue to work. Taking beautiful photos and preparing the next collection inspired by the first artists, in their virgin, hostile and pure environment; and in their art, beastly in all senses.

For the time being, we can only show you the skeleton: the first earthenware models that are born, somehow unexpectedly but also beautifully, deep in our cave. Rest assured though, that as soon as it is possible to switch on the workshop machinery, now silent, we will give them the appropriate spark and the color we thrive on so much.

We hope you like the little ancestral seed.

Thanks for being there.