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SHE and HE are decorative ceramic figures, our first woman and first man. Two decorative ceramic figures inspired by the Venus of Palaeolithic art are available in three color options. Tender and rounded, here you can get them both for a special price or choose the vase version to give joy to your home.

THEM are two decorative ceramic figures in the shape of a man and a woman. SHE is our female figure inspired by the Paleolithic Venus and is the star piece of the Ancestral collection. You can always buy them individually, but now you have the possibility to take them both home for a special price. We also have them in vase format.

HIM dimensions: 26 cm long x 14 cm wide x 12.5 cm deep.

SHE dimensions: 26cm high x 14cm wide x 11cm deep.

Color options:

Neutral Topo (between gray and brown) gloss finish.

Celes Blue glossy finish.

Pink Ñoño with glossy finish.

Ask us about the possibility of making it for you in other color options.