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Them vase


Our ceramic vases SHE and HE can be inseparable and here we present them in three color combinations to suit all tastes: in neutral tones, the Classic pair, to be sure to hit the mark, in the most vibrant version with pink and yellow, which we have called Summer, and in two shades of blue-green and cobalt blue, which we have called Ocean. Oh, and since they go together, they have a special price 😉.

THEM flower vases are two ceramic vases with the bodies of a man and a woman, inspired by the so-called Venus of Paleolithic art and part of the Ancestral collection. You can use them to put fresh or dried flowers or any other type of decoration.

THEM flower vase body dimensions: 26cm high x14x 11cm.

Approximate dimensions of the mouth: 7.5 x 4.5cm.


Classic: He and She in Topo grey enamel (tone between gray and brown) glossy finish.

Summer: She in glossy dark chicle pink and He in glossy Margarita yellow.

Ocean: She in Dark Green Lago Ness glossy finish and he in deep blue Arturito glossy finish.

You can also purchase the sculpture version of both figures, with head and decorative character (Them), both together and individually.

As this is a handmade product, the size of the mouth and the tone of the glaze may vary slightly from the vases in the photos. Ask us about the possibility of making it for you in other color options.
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