An ornamental slug?… Yes!

‘Cause slugs can be pretty, like this one you see. With its bright colors and different shapes you can make a beautiful composition to hang on the wall, the ceiling… or basically anywhere. We also firmly believe that these slugs bring luck, so fill your home with them.

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Available in 9 vibrant colors: Pistachio green, Iceberg light blue, Light pink, Gum pink, Arturito blue, Brick orange, Flamingo red (glossy finish), Giverny yellow and One Radish purple (matte finish).

They can be placed on the table or hung on the wall in the position you prefer (just use a spike or hanging strip).

Additional information

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Slug color

Arturito, Chicle, Flamenco, Giverny, Iceberg, Ladrillo, Ñoño, Pistacho, Un rábano

Slug size

Large, Medium, Mini, Small

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