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Pegasito winged horse


Pegasito is a multicolored winged horse. He came from the sky and landed on the workshop table like a carefree little butterfly, and he must have liked us because he has decided to stay and fly with you if you want his magical company.

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Pegasito is a multicolored winged horse. He has a white body with a light blue muzzle and wings, tail, and mane in many beautiful colors: red, orange, green, yellow, and blue. He is hand decorated with oxides, so the finish is slightly different on each Pegasito.

You can see here a video of the decoration process of Pegasito our winged horse, who we are almost sure is a distant (or future) relative of our Technicolor animals and of course of Tito Bustillo's horse.

Our Pegasus measures 11cm long x 6,7cm wide x 7,5cm high.

As you may know, the first Pegasus we know of was the winged horse of Zeus, that's why he was the first horse that lived with the gods. He had a little brother, whose name was Crisaor, and both were born from the blood of the dreadful Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. Our little pegasus doesn't speak, so we don't know his story or if he has siblings, but judging by his little face and his colors, he doesn't seem to have such a convulsive origin!

Maybe he was born from a flower or a star, or maybe he comes from the very end of the rainbow, but we'll never know for sure. What a thrill.