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He vase


Our vase, HE, in the image and likeness of SHE, has been a long time coming, but he is finally here to stay in the online store. Chubby and tender, we have dressed him with three of our favorite glazes so that you can choose between the joy of Margarito yellow, the serenity of Topo gray (or maybe brown?), or the depth of Arturito blue, which also goes very well with HER colors (in case you want to get the pair).

He is an earthenware vase in the shape of a little man that you can use to put fresh or dried flowers or another type of decoration.

The diameter of the mouth is variable and is about 7.5 cm long x 5 cm wide. HE measures 18 cm high, 15 cm wide, and 12 cm long.

It has a female version, SHE, inspired by the so-called Paleolithic Venus and part of the Ancestral collection, as well as both figures with heads as sculptures.

Being a handmade product, the size of the mouth and the tone of the enamel may vary slightly. Ask us about the possibility of making it for you in other color options.

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