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Hard-head bottles


Our hard-headed bottles come in two sizes so you can use them as you like, because they can be used for any liquid. They are also useful as table oil bottles and leave no one indifferent whatever their mood: happy, angry, surprised or resigned.

Available in 5 models and 2 different sizes.

Available in 5 models and 2 different sizes.

•Large bottle

Size:14 × 8 × 26 cm.

Capacity: 600ml.

Harry: Red-haired, resigned, in Corbata blue trousers and Topo shirt.

Olivia: Brunette with a bun, happy in Giverny yellow trousers and pink ñoño shirt.

•Small bottle:

Size: 12 × 6 × 17 cm.

Capacity: 200ml.

Lily: Brown hair with two buns, surprised with Chicle pink trousers and beige shirt, matte finish.

Tintin: Blond, happy in Espinacaca green trousers and a Ponchito green shirt, matte finish.

Moe: Dark-haired, angry in blue Arturito trousers and blue Piscina shirt, matte finish.   

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