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Bunker is the canister with a cork lid from the Acorazado collection.

It may seem like they have a simple shape but they are beautiful and elegant. We love families of all kinds, so you can combine colors and sizes as you like. Available in two different sizes with a smooth finish and a third smaller one with flaky embossed (Búnker Pangolín).

It can serve as a kitchen pot or as a decoration in any corner of the house.


You have 10 colors to choose from: Mustard, Doblin gray, Allergy green, Arturito blue, Taupe gray, Brown flesh (gloss finish), Lemon lemon yellow, Dry blood garnet, Turquoise, Giverny yellow,


Large bunker: 14.5 cm Ø x 8.5 cm high.

Small bunker: 9 cm Ø x 6 cm high.

Pangolin bunker: 6.5 cm Ø x 4 cm high.

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