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Buhito candle holder


Buhito candle holder is the simpler candle holder of the Lucecita collection, inspired by night birds and decorated by hand, you can choose the owl or owl model.

Buhito candle holders are the name of our individual or set candle holders in the shape of an owl or white owl. You can use them with traditional candles up to 2.2 cm in diameter.

Buhito candle holder is the simpler candleholder, inspired by these impressive night birds, from Lucecita, our new collection of animal candle holders, designed with the humor, color, and tenderness that high hopes require and with the idea of sharing their light and warmth with you. All the owls and owls are hand-decorated one by one, so there may be slight differences from the images.

Choose the LUCECITA of your choice and keep the flame burning.


Never leave a candle unattended or near substances or objects likely to burn easily.

Be especially cautious with children and pets (especially cats).

Make sure the candle is well positioned and upright before lighting (we recommend preheating the base of the candle before placing it to ensure that it is properly secured).

Wax residues are easily cleaned from the ceramic using a wooden stick and a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Although you can use our candle holders with most of the candles on the market, in these photos we are fortunate to have the wonderful Casa Tenue candles, which we recommend for their qualities. In the case of these candle holders, the Estela candles look beautiful and match their eyes. 😉

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