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Bichobola salad bowl


The Bichobola salad bowl is the ultimate salad bowl. It is part of the Acorazado collection and matches the sauce boat, the bowls and the tureen of the same name.

The height of its legs highlights your salads and brings you closer to your popcorn, and is the perfect fruit bowl for any centerpiece.

Pieces from the Acorazado collection are as beautiful as they are versatile!


Inspired by the woodlouse, it has its grooves and 4 little legs, but it is even more beautiful due to its contrast of bright colours on the inside and matte finish on the outside.

Available in two matte color combinations on the outside: Limon limon yellow with glossy Carne morena pink inside; and Sangre seca garnet with glossy Nube grey interior.

Dimensions 24 cm in diameter x 9 cm high.

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