In the cave we feel at home.

or better.

Have you ever entered one? We highly recommend it: for the silence, because time stands still and because a cave always arouses curiosity. It may hide ancient art, bones of extinct animals or beautiful mineral formations, an ancient treasure formed droplet by droplet and without making a sound.

That is why we would like you to accompany us to the depths of León and Cantabria, accompanied by our guide, Alberto Galvache, explorer and photographer, who has made this underground report with our ancestral animals. You won’t need your cell phone, because there’s no coverage, so grab your flashlight and watch your head, we’re going to dive!

We have brought a map so as not to get lost.
Bison walking among some curious aragonite formations.
Mammoth before the abyss of the deep (well, it’s just the hollow of a bear, where the cave bear hibernated).
Little bear discovering the skull of an extinct relative tens of thousands of years ago, his great-great-grandfather, the cave bear.
Little horse has tripped over a stalagmite, luckily the ground is made of sand and nothing has happened to it
Our paleontologist Bear has found a huge femur, but in this case it is not from a relative, but from a cave hyena.
Bison and bear in the lake of calcifications (they are not made of ice, although the water is cool).
Bison looking closely at the incipient formations of stalactites.
When the stalactites on the ceiling and the stalagmites on the floor meet, a column is formed, like the one that our classic Bison shows us very happily.
Osu peering into the abyss!
Little horse discovering an unexplored and magical area of the cave.

You may already know this, buYou may already know this, but Alberto Galvache has already  photographed our pieces in abandoned houses, which, like caves, are silent and time has stopped in them too. We are very grateful to him because we know how difficult it is to take photos of small things in a natural environment, in this case, artificially lit, and because reaching certain narrow areas of the caves is complicated and dangerous if one does not have the material security and adequate knowledge, and also has had to be very careful not to cloud any of the deposits.

The photographer, Alberto Galvache, in the depths.

We hope you liked the trip to the depths, come back whenever you want, you’re in your cave.

PS: This trip is a fiction based on real events and places. Find all our animals together at tanata.es and caves full of treasures under your feet.