We have been looking for a long time for the perfect support to display our pieces: practical one, not too big, but not too small either, beautiful (of course)… something special that could match any wall decoration (Wall Art) and that would serve to easily make a spectacular mix with drawings, photos, paintings and all the things that we love to decorate the walls of our house. We are very happy because in the end we succeeded and now we want to share his story with you, will you join us?

You may have already imagined what happened, but the fact is that after thinking about it a lot and not finding the perfect element, we decided to create it ourselves with our own little hands, which is why we are potters, and after a year of drawings, tests, and samples (ceramic things are slowly), our new Corbel collection is born.

Stay with the name, which is a beautiful word that sounds a bit like an island, because that is the name of the plaster or stone supports that are traditionally used as architectural decoration or a shelf for sculptures and that we are now revolutionizing in our tánata’s version, made of ceramic, dressed with our best enamels and suitable for interiors.

Our corbels are 100% tánata, and that is why we have made 5 different models with different finishes, so that you take a while to choose your favorite: from the most Classic version, modeled by hand with organic motifs and decorated with our most stunning enamels ( Giverny yellow, Ñoño pink and Orro blue), passing through those that evoke a Cliff or an iceberg, as if we had taken a piece of the mountain and the glacier to enjoy it at home and using color gradients for a more realistic finish. It is followed by the Cloud, for the most dreamy minds, and which has a slightly inclined surface that makes it perfect for holding photos, paintings, and drawings (although we would love to see what you put on it); and lastly, the most figurative, a Friendly Hand, which we love to show off the little whales, for example, and a Smiling Face, which we already know children and adults like alike.

They are all very practical, they combine very well with each other and with other elements, ceramic or not, and they are very easy to install (two spikes and you already have your corbel forever). We will make a video to show you the process so follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss anything and ask us, as always, if you have any questions. We will be delighted to assist you.

Thank you very much for reading and we hope you like them! Corbelism is here to stay.