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We are Ana Ferichola and Natalia Figueroa and together we are Tánata, a pottery studio where we create beautiful homeware collections while working for well-known and emerging designers. We produce projects à la carte combining traditional and industrial methods, making the most of the ceramic material and specializing in finishings and colors.

We were born in the 80’s and love the Goonies! Ana is from Spain and Natalia is Colombian. We both love art, nature, animals (especially dogs, we each have one and they’re with us pretty much 24/7), beautiful and funny things and pretty houses where you can feel happy.

We met in 2010 at Escuela de Cerámica Francisco Alcántara, in Madrid where we live, but our pre-ceramic formation is linked to other subjects, Ana’s was related to journalism and design, and Natalia’s to the visual arts and photography, so from the beginning we were guided and inspired by design and mass media.

At the ceramic school we discover that we love taking pictures, drawing, clay, creating…and that together we make a great team! 

Our work is completely handcrafted, and we design and produce our ceramics from scratch by developing prototypes, models, plaster molds and final pieces, so our production is not big but continuous. We are specialists in color and ceramic glazes, which we like to combine and mix, even if the process is difficult. We work with each piece by hand, carefully, one by one, and that shows in our finishes: always perfect.

Since 2013 we have been developing our collections: Utilitarian, but endearing, fun and colorful ceramic. Teapots, jugs, glasses, canisters, as well as purely decorative pieces. More than just ceramic, our pieces have a soul that makes them special. We also like to rescue disused objects due to the plastic invasion, tableware that was common daily in our grandparents’ homes, such as the butter dish or the casserole.

We believe that quality and professionalism are not in conflict with humor at all. Tanata’s products as well as useful and functional are funny.

You can get to know more about our work at www.tanata.es and follow our day by day in our Instagram account @hello_tanata.